We Are Coming


Here is a Snippet of What We Are About

Our mission is to provide information about how people can improve their overall wellbeing by replacing unfavorable behaviors with more favorable ones by applying micro-changes to their daily routines. 


If you are like me, you may have paused from time to time to wonder why you do the things that you do or why you don't do the things that you think you should do. Most of the time we don't really have an answer because most of what we do each day is driven by our unconscious mind [without conscious awareness]. From the time we were born, the subconscious part of our memory began to develop and store everything we saw, heard, smelled, tasted, and felt. The subconscious part of our memory hangs onto these memories [good or bad] and they control many of our behaviors, mostly unconsciously. Now, if you were lucky, you were raised in an environment that was nurturing and you absorbed a healthy mindset and healthy habits. If you weren't that lucky [which most of us weren't] then you probably developed some subconcious beliefs and habits that unconsciously sabotage your conscious efforts to improve certain areas of your life.  


Most of us have heard many people using terms like "mindfulness" and "being present". These are fantastic ideas but it is important to understand the "why" and "how" to be able to put them into practice. To anyone who is ready and willing to open up their mind to a better understanding of how their own experiences as a child have left an imprint on their subconscious that may be unconsciously sabotaging their efforts to overcome issues that have overtime become barriers to finding true inner peace, calm, and contentment . . . there is hope. We believe that the power to overcome these intrusive subconscious beliefs is within all of us through increased understanding and awareness, along with intentional efforts to practice restorative micro-habits.