We are here to take a look at the experiences of reoccurring or chronic struggles in some areas of life  that leave people confused about why the same issues keep resurfacing? 


Unless you have had an opportunity to do a deep dive into your subconscious memory in therapy, you are probably unaware of what role your experiences as a child play in any of your personal struggles. Unfortunately, many of us often look for reasons outside of ourselves or we continue to believe the narrative that developed as a result of childhood experiences to explain the reason for our struggles which often leads to feelings of shame at our inability to resolve our problems and successfully pursue all of our life's ambitions.


We are here to inform you that there is now hope for all of us and we will explore ways to heal. 

Significant growth has been made in recent years in the science of brain development and mental health and it has been found that people who have experienced significant exposure to stressors during their developmental years often carry that into adulthood on a mostly subconscious level. 

Behavioral and/or emotional responses also known as coping mechanisms or stress responses often develop in the child as a result of such exposure and typically carry into adulthood if left unaddressed. These stress responses often resurface during seemingly unrelated moments triggered by a sensory experience that the subconscious memory recognizes as a warning of impending danger. Lack of awareness or understanding as to what is causing these maladaptive responses leads to confusion about ones ability to cope properly and a meriad of other problems. Read more about the science behind childhood traumatic experiences.  

You don't need to live with traumatic stress forever - VeRYLife & Style can show you how to have control over your own life and wellness despite any past trauma you may have experienced. What's triggering you?