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The Best Skincare Adaptation for Fall

Fall is well known as the season of change, which can be good or bad depending on the attitude you choose to adopt. There is just so much to be grateful for in the fall - cooler weather, the beauty of the changing leaves, changing menus, and our loved ones of course [who never really change]. Despite all of the good that comes with this beautiful season of change, there are also some changes that we don't always relish but we just have to learn to deal with. One of those being the change that the season brings to the texture of our skin. For most of us, our skin begins to feel tighter and less hydrated. Adapting to change is a great way to strengthen our resilience, so we have listed some ways to help you to adapt your skincare routine for the fall so you can embrace the change without all of the suffering.

Add Coconut Oil!!!!!!

One of the best moisturizing products for the skin [natural or not], hands-down, is coconut oil. Before getting into the shower each morning, prep your face and hair with a quick [coconut oil] rub. Then, before turning off the water, a few pumps of coconut oil over the bod for soft and hydrated legs and arms. If you make only one change this season, adding coconut oil to your skin care routine would be the one.

Keep a bottle of coconut oil for skincare in or near the shower and the jar for used for cooking in the kitchen. Avoiding cross contamination.

Use a bottle with a pump. Works well in the shower.

If you prefer scented products, add your favorite essential oil to the bottle for a spa-like vibe.

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